May Edochie express gratitude to the supporter who viciously blasted Yul and Judy Austin

Yul Edochie’s first wife, May Edochie, reportedly complimented a fan for the vicious criticism she and his second wife, Judy Austin Muoghalu, received from another fan.

As we are all aware, Yul’s family has not been doing well since he revealed his second wife and their kid, Star Dike.

May Edochie has kept spreading the impression online that she still strongly disagrees with his choice.

After Yul Edochie shared May’s endorsement contract on his Instagram page and congratulated both her and his son Zane, who also appeared in the commercial, the teasing began.

A disgruntled fan responded by approaching Yul and Judy Austin and making an offensive remark.

Read the post below;

“Na we dey marry May now go and continue with your new bag of rice and let our classy queen be. Who told you that she is still your wife? She now belongs to us because she didn’t sign polygamy from the day one. You hate your beautiful wife and children because of a loose woman. I weep for you”.

Replying, May Edochie thanked the fan while accompanying her comment with love emojis.

This made the fan drop another comment in which she vowed to able be there for her.

“We are here for you, just be strong. God be with you.” She wrote.

See the conversation below:

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