Toke Makinwa shouts out, “I’m tired of being so strong.”

Toke Makinwa, a well-known media personality and lifestyle vlogger, has stated that she is sick of being strong and longs to be weak with someone.

The On Air Personality stated she can’t recall what it feels like to open up and be that vulnerable with someone in a post on her Instagram stories on Monday.

She said;

“I can’t remember what it really feels like to open up and be so vulnerable with another person, tired of being so strong. I want to feel soft again. But the way the world is set up today.”

Toke had previously criticized her pals for failing to support her after the debut of a new film in which she had a supporting role.

The Nollywood classic “Glamour Girls” was remade with the TV gal as the lead, and it was released on Tuesday, June 24.

However, the film has received harsh criticism from fans who feel that it fell short of their expectations.

Toke revealed on her Instagram account that after the movie was out, her friends failed to support her or compliment her acting abilities in what appeared to be a response to the criticisms.

She continued by saying that none of them should count on receiving assistance from her in times of need since she would pay them back with their own money.

Read what the 37-year-old TV host wrote;

“I’ve received more support from strangers than I have friends since glamour girls came out, Not mad or feeling entitled, just putting it out there so that when next your palm itches you to ask for my support on anything, remember you stayed silent when it was my turn. No more what will Jesus do, pls be guided.”

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