Disney Plus Kids Show “Babymax” Features Transgender Man Buying Tampons

Kids show on Disney+ “Baymax” Teaches Kids That Men Have Periods! as Gender grooming of Children by Corporations continues

A new Disney+ animated kids series Baymax!, features what is believed to be the company’s first transgender character, buying tampons at a supermarket.

The Big Hero 6 spinoff, which is a series of shorts, features robot nurse Baymax caring for residents in the futuristic, fictional town of San Fransokyo.

In the controversial episode, Baymax is browsing the menstrual product aisle at a supermarket on behalf of a 12-year-old girl, when he asks his fellow shoppers for help.

One of those customers is a trans man, wearing a transgender flag shirt, who hands him a box of pads and tells the robot: ‘I always get the ones with wings.’

The scene was shared by Disney Entertainment Studio’s YouTube page this week.

Conservatives were quick to condemn the appearance of a trans character in a kids show.

Texas State Representative Bryan Slaton, 44, kicked off the criticism, writing on Twitter: ‘This is so sick and weird. We have to protect kids from the sick adults who want to sexualize them and let them be kids.’

Opinion writer for the Star Telegram Nicole Russell highlighted how uncomfortable society is around period culture as women are often expected to discuss it behind closed doors in fear of making others feel uneasy.

She wrote: ‘I have four kids, ages eight [to] 15, who would watch this and it would make them all uncomfortable. What is the purpose?’

Another said the discussions of periods is ‘stealing childhood from children.’

She wrote: ‘You are an adult. This is a cartoon for children. Children don’t need to or want to talk about periods.’

Rufo even accused the company of promoting ‘the idea that men can have periods to children as young as two years old.’

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