Unknown Gunman Captured and Stripped Naked by Anambra Villagers (Photos)

It was a dramatic scene at Nkwọ Ụga market in Uga Community, Aguata Local Government Area of Anambra State, as villagers jointly apprehended one of the gunmen terrorizing the area.

It was gathered that the gummen who stormed the area in a bus, started operating immediately and shooting sporadically to disperse the people, while they also snatched some motorcycles from some commercial motorcyclists (known as Ọkada) at the market, to enhance their operation.

A source in the area, however, said immediately other members of the gang fled with the snatched motorcycles as youths were trooping out to confront them; the driver of the bus was trapped down as the courageous youths immediately used iron barricades to block the road and then rushedly apprehended him immediately he armlessly alighted from the vehicle and attempted to escape into a nearby bush.

This is corroborated by videos from the scene currently trending on the social media, showing the villagers surround and interview the apprehended gunman, with one of his legs almost cut off with machete, while stains of blood are also all over his body.

It was learnt that the mob nearly set him ablaze immediately, but was advised to interrogate him, rather than kill him, as he had already received adequate beating.

During the interrogation, the suspect, who said he hails from a Community in Nnewi South Local Government Area of Anambra State, also confessed to the crime, and further revealed a partial identity of their leader and traditional herbalist who prepares charms for them.

The villagers, however, all shouted in amazement when the suspect was stripped, as they beheld assorted charms tied round his waist and his chest.

See photos below

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