Nigerian woman tells married men, “If you over pamper your wife, you will lose her.”

In order to prevent losing their wives, married men should not spoil their wives excessively, a Nigerian woman has warned on social media.

In a video going viral online, the woman delivered this unpopular advice to guys.

She claimed that if men spoil their spouses or don’t do what they ask of them, they run the risk of losing them.

She cited a man who, even when he wasn’t at fault in a disagreement with his wife, would instantly apologize to her.

According to her, the marriage would become rocky the day the husband refused to accept his wife’s apology when she was obviously upset.

Social media users have reacted to the woman’s perspective in a variety of ways, with some claiming that it is incorrect.

See a few responses below.

@kelseywealthy_ wrote,

Madam abeg speak for yourself, you people will just come on social media and open your mouths waa flapping tsk tsk”

@oliviaglloww wrote,

“This one is used to suferhead, from her father’s house to her husband’s house 
Continue my dear, the lord is your strength”

@superwoman9ja wrote,

“What is this one saying? Just want to trend. Allow people deal with their relationships in their own way.”

@ad_noble wrote,

“This one don suffer for marriage e don dey sweet am for body”

@db_naturals_ wrote,

“Some people have not experienced good treatment in relationships, all their life na so so toxicity… So being treated with respect seem foreign to them ”

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