How did we let that spirit slip away? Shehu Sani recounts a time when a Fulani guy served as Enugu’s mayor while an Igbo man served as a Kaduna House of Assembly member.

Shehu Sani, a former senator from Nigeria, has questioned how the country lost the sense of community that allowed people to look beyond tribalism.

The politician remembered a time when a Fulani guy ran for and won the position of Enugu’s first mayor. Additionally, he remembered seeing an Igbo man in the Kaduna House of Assembly.

Read what he tweeted below:

“A Fulani man from Sokoto, Alhaji Umaru Altine contested, Won and became the First Mayor of Enugu (1952-1958).Chief Ike Madu from Imo state became a member of the Kaduna State House of Assembly in 1999.Great Zik won in Lagos in the 50s. HOW DID WE LOST THAT SPIRIT?”

The senator also commented on a recent attack at Kuje Prisons, when gunmen allegedly affiliated with Boko Haram used high explosives and firearms, causing 879 out of 994 detainees to flee. According to the authorities, 64 of the escaping prisoners are Boko Haram members.

The armed attack on Kuje, Abuja prisons by Iswap set free hundreds of dangerous terrorists from Boko Haram, Iswap, Ansaru ,Kidnapping & Banditry groups. A serious setback for over a decade of war against http://terrorism.Now we have to live awake,and in perpetual vigilance. He continued;

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