Suspected ritualist: “We slaughtered Nkemdili because our deity wanted virgin’s blood.”

Nkemdili Eze, one of the alleged ritual killers in Enugu State, claimed that the young girl was sacrificed because their deity required virgin blood in order to be powerful.

The culprit, known only as Agbo, made the confessional statement not long after being apprehended by local authorities in connection with the incident, according to Vanguard.

The suspect claimed that after he suggested Nkemdili, native doctor Ifeanyi Onyishi gave the order to bring her to him for the sacrifice. An enraged mob set fire to the culprit and his accomplice, Ifeanyi Onyishi, commonly known as Aro bi n’agu.

The late Agbo was quoted by the neighborhood official as stating;

“Ifeanyi didn’t like the fact that I was being caught most of the time I went for robbery operations. He was looking for a way to fortify his deity. One day, he told me that he had brought an abandoned deity named Idenyi, to his shrine.

I was shocked to hear that from him. I asked him if he knew how to appease the deity. He equally told me that he needed the blood of a virgin to make the deity powerful. That was why he asked me to bring someone to her and I recommended Nkemdili.

So, there was a masquerade festival in my village. A day before the festival, I searched for Nkemdili but without success.

However, a day after the festival, I was in the bush smoking Indian hemp when she passed. I quickly notified Ifeanyi and he moved to the location with another suspect who I didn’t recognize.

“When they got there, his friend stopped her, while Ifeanyi covered her mouth and they took her into the bush. I followed them also.

“After the sacrifice, he promised he was going to settle me very well. He said he was going to sell a portion of his land to give me a huge sum of money that would make me not to expose him.”

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