Kwankwaso’s Comment on Peter Obi Taken Out of Context – NNPP

The Igbo and Labour Party presidential candidates, Peter Obi, were described as being unable to win elections, according to reports that Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso, a member of the New Nigeria People’s Party, had made. The NNPP dismissed the reports, claiming that Kwankwaso had been “falsely credited” with making the statement.

According to the report, Kwankwaso was cited as saying that the South East (Igbo People) are good in business but at the bottom of Nigerian politics last week while inaugurating the Party’s Gombe State Executive.

According to Prof. Rufa’i Ahmed Alkali, national chairman of the NNPP, “the abovementioned attribution is reported to have produced some bad sentiments in some political circles in Nigeria, especially between the South East and the NNPP.”

He claimed that as a party that is interested in improving the country’s circumstances, the NNPP holds the view that no Nigerian, regardless of geopolitical region, tribe, ethnic group, or religious belief, should be at the bottom of the ladder in the overall effort to bring about the desired change in the nation.

Alkali said; “The NNPP wishes to categorically state that the statement of its Presidential Candidate, Senator Kwankwaso at the occasion was situated out of contest, as the NNPP Presidential candidate has always emphasized that the Igbos were frontrunners in the fight for the nation’s struggle for independence, and had produced the first President of the country in the person of late Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, the first President of the Senate, Dr. Nwafor Orizu, former Vice President, late Dr. Alex Ekwueme, four former Presidents of the Senate from 1999 to date and other top political office holders.

“NNPP as a political party on the ballot in 2023 believes that it has what it takes like some other political parties to rejuvenate the present situation of the country and will not in any way disparage any zone or people of any political party.

“It is pertinent to state that the discussions with any political party or individual is an ongoing thing that would bring the desired change of a new Nigeria. However, the party or its Presidential candidate would not in any way malign any zone or any individual as we believe that NNPP we desire the votes of all the zones and all electorate to govern Nigeria

“We want to state that NNPP will canvass votes from all Geo-political zones to win the 2023 Presidential election and would not in any way consider any zone less as we have supporters and candidates all over the country”.

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