“I was effeminate from birth. Even right at the hospital, they couldn’t tell my gender” – Ghana’s first transgender musician Angel Maxine speaks

The first transgender musician from Ghana, Angel Maxine, has spoken out about the alleged “prejudice and ostracization” they experience in the nation of West Africa.

Maxine stated in a BBC interview that she has accepted and welcomed her biological difference and that there is nothing anyone can do to change it.

She stated that from the moment of her birth, she began exhibiting feminine characteristics, leading doctors to question her gender even though she possessed a penis.

Maxine said; 

“Even right at the hospital, they couldn’t tell my gender. They will be like, is this a male or this is female? They have to unwrap me and take me all around for them to see that oh, this one has a penis oo!

“I always felt like I was living somebody else’s life. Kojo Besia… Obaaberima… It got to some point I owned it. So when you call me Kojo Besia, Obaa Berima, I’m like, ‘hello, hi’. I just owned it. I am popularly known as Angel Maxine, and I’m Ghana’s first openly transgender musician.”

The singer also insisted that the LGBTQ movement is not a foreign idea. Maxine added; 

“Angel didn’t go and pick anybody’s lifestyle or anybody’s culture. I was effeminate from birth. Even though I had backlashes from family and other people, I was like, I was really tired, and this is me. So I started doing my music openly, wearing my short pants, my Santiago boots and all that.

“And that was where I really saw myself like, Hey, this is me. This is the beautiful picture I’ve always been seeing, and this is what I want to show outside.”

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