Police arrest bull for killing woman in Kenya

After trampling a woman to death in Kakamega County, Kenya, a bull has been taken into custody at the Khayega police station.

The bull’s owner was also detained and is presently being held while authorities investigate the event.

Last Friday, while its owner, Josphat Bilimo, was driving it back from a game, the bull known as “Tusker” reportedly got loose, charged at three ladies from Lutoto village, and killed one of them by trampling her under its feet.

According to reports, the bull assaulted the 60-year-old woman known as Felistus Luda as she tried to leave the area.

Mr Bonventure Munanga, the director of the Kakamega County Bullfighting Association, who confirmed the incident on Tuesday, July 5, said the bull caught up with woman as she attempted to flee to safety.

“The woman could not run fast enough since she had sustained an injury in accident and she was unfortunately killed by the bull,” said Mr Munanga.

Kakamega East sub county police commander Mr Robert Makau told Nation.Africa that police were called in to rescue the bull from villagers who wanted to slash it to death and share it’s meat.

“The DCIO is handling the investigations. The owner of the bull will appear in court on Thursday to face charges related to negligence in handling the animal,” said Mr Makau.

Mr Munanga said the owner of the bull tried to negotiate with the family of the woman so that they could settle the matter out of court.

“He agreed to meet the burial expenses, but villagers were planning to attack the bull and kill it as dictated by tradition. The bull is supposed to be killed and the meat shared out to be eaten,” said Mr Munanga.

Police arrest bull for killing woman in Kenya

The bull tethered to a nearby tree at the police post

The incident has brought to light the issue of safety relating to the popular bullfighting spot which draws huge crowds in western region.

Mr Munanga said he had convened a meeting with the owners of bulls to discuss safety during bullfighting matches  in Kakamega County.  

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