Segun Wealth, the husband of Toyin Lawani, mentions one of his favorite qualities about her: “I enjoy the fact that she provides me money.”

Toyin Lawani, a prominent stylist in Nigeria, and her photographer husband, Segun Wealth, have talked openly about their marital dynamics.

The couple, who was married a year ago in June, agreed to an interview with Pulse TV where they talked about their union for the first time on camera.

The power couple, who appear to have a happy and humorous marriage, responded to some queries about their relationship.

Segun’s response to the question about his wife’s three best qualities—that she loves to give him money—was the interview’s high point.

The successful fashion designer Toyin appeared uneasy with his reaction and soon softened it by explaining that her husband doesn’t frequently ask her for money and she doesn’t want others to spread the myth that he married her for her wealth.

She claims that Segun is the first man she has ever dated or married who wasn’t attracted to her because of her wealth and who only begs for money after exhausting all other possibilities.

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