Lady Who Made Her Boyfriend Go Mad For Dumping Her After Five Years Of Dating Finally Shows Family Members How To Set Him Free

As more individuals share their experiences on social media these days, a lot of strange stories keep popping up.

A woman who is soon to be married has posted instructions on curing her mentally ill ex-boyfriend on the Facebook group love &pills.

The woman claims that from 2013 to 2018, she was romantically involved with a young man named Collins Agyemang. But later, when he began to succeed financially, he made the decision to dump her and pursue another woman.

This irritated the young woman, who made the decision to exact the ultimate retaliation against him.

She approached a juju practitioner, who gave her a padlock and instructed her to write whatever she wanted to happen to him on it before locking it.

She followed the instructions and declared insanity (madness) on Collins Agyemang and buried the padlock behind his house.

But after several years, the lady who has finally decided to forgive him has used social media to help his family Collins cure him of his ailment.

She also revealed how she paid his tuition, got him a job, paid for his rent and as soon as he started making money he decided to dump her.

I hope all men who are taking women for a fool learn from this. If you don’t love her, don’t spend her money and vice versa.

Read her story below;

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