“I Infected My Girlfriend With HIV, She Killed Herself And I Threw Her Body In The Bushes” – Man Confesses

After deliberately giving his fiancée the virus that caused her to commit suicide, a man by the name of Joseph is regretting the HIV infection. Joseph was born into an affluent family but had a rebellious life.

After contracting HIV through constant clubbing and partying, he voluntarily refused to take treatment, claiming he was not infected.

He didn’t tell his partner he was HIV positive, so he carried on leading a carefree life. Until he infected her with HIV, he had numerous unprotected sexual encounters with her.

He came home one day to discover his girlfriend had hanged herself in his room and his HIV medications were all over the place. Her body was thrown into a bush after he swiftly severed the cord.

He felt guilty and regretted not revealing his HIV status to his girlfriend.

He reported himself to the police after court trials. He was sentenced to 10 years in prison. He regrets everything and claims he was the reason that his girlfriend died.

He remembered the suicide note she left for him, in which she stated that she couldn’t live with HIV and that it was better for her to die than live with HIV. Joseph pleads for forgiveness from his girlfriend’s parents.

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