An 18-year-old teenager killed his mother and spent the night with her body in exchange for money

An 18-year-old kid by the name of Samuel Akpobome has been apprehended by police for purportedly killing his mom and lying down with her carcass for cash customs.

In a meeting, Samuel admitted that he choked his mom, Christiana Ighoyivwi, while she was snoozing in her home on Market Road, Ologbo, Ikpoba-Okha Local Government Area of the state.

The youngster, who was sauntered by the Commissioner of Police, Mr. Johnson Kokumo, alongside about 80 different suspects captured for different offenses, uncovered that he later had sex with his mom’s carcass.

Samuel Akpobome, who hails from Delta State and is the most youthful offspring of the departed casualty, professed to have followed up on the guidelines of an unidentified local specialist.

He said, “I needed to utilize her (Christiana) for cash customs. I choked her; she was resting when I choked her at around 5 am. I was encouraged by a local specialist in Oghara to kill her. After killing her, I laid down with her. The local specialist advised me to do so and save her body for two days. “

The local specialist advised me to kill my mom and lay down with her cadaver. Be that as it may, he didn’t let me know the number of days to lie down with her. My mom didn’t annoy me. I killed her on account of cash. ”

Furthermore, the suspect admitted that his grandma saw him and raised the alarm, which prompted his arrest. He added, “I was unable to track down a spot to keep it (carcass). As I was emerging, I didn’t realize that my grandma was sitting outside.

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