Paul Psquare allegedly sleeps with house maid, wife leak chats

Paul Okoye, a well-known singer in Nigeria, is being sued by his estranged wife, Anita.

Anita is suing the musician after making a number of accusations against him following the breakup of the pair, who had three children together.

On social media, rumors have been circulating that Paul’s marriage dissolved as a result of infidelity and other factors.

Additionally, rumors circulated that the singer had a relationship with Florence, their housekeeper.

Photos of court records and leaked chats that purportedly showed the musician speaking with a number of women recently went viral on social media.

Apparently, Paul sent his wife and her sister out of the house when his affair with the maid was uncovered, according to court documents that were leaked.

It was also reported that Paul boasted about it while they were being dispatched, saying it was done to clip his wife’s wings.

It was also alleged that the singer showed little interest in the disciplining of their kids among other things.

In the leaked Whatsapp chats, the singer allegedly chatted with different ladies to fix up rendezvous at hotels and even forgot his watch on what appeared to be a repeated time.

See the posts below:

Internet users had a lot to say about the celebrity’s marriage. Read some of their comments below:


“Women are untrained FBI from births….we were born detectives….”

“It’s the again for me .”

“I shouted Jesus what a life .”

“Na why he no like him twin brother wife…cos Lola got Peter on a lockdown man cannot misbehave.”

“This marriage thing is tiring .”

“he even forgot watch.”

“All these messages from A man that has a wife ? Okay. Shay I go marry like this .”

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