Zimbabwe Makeup Artist Kills Husband, Hangs Body On a Tree (Photos)

After Gregory Bobo was discovered dead in Zimbabwe, a lady has been detained on suspicion of planning his murder.

Everyone initially believed the young man had committed suicide, but after a thorough investigation, it was discovered that the woman had reportedly killed him while making it appear as though he had committed suicide.

According to a source, the crime was perpetrated last night, June 24, by a woman who has been identified as famed make-up artist Deliwe Mutandiro Bobo.

The informant, who is also the deceased’s neighbor, claimed that the pair argued after they got home from a 90s theme party where the wife gave a seductive dance performance. According to the source, the husband’s death may have resulted from the altercation.

It was gathered that the woman took the husband’s body with the help of their maid and hung it on a small guava tree to make it look like a suicide.

However, they were caught after residents discovered that half of the deceased’s body was on the ground.

The woman is currently arrested and she is in police custody. The couple shared three kids together, salemgists learned.

See photos below

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