How a 7-year-old child snuck into a home in Ibadan, prepared rice, ate all the meat in the pot, drank milk, and then took two phones and N4,000

After breaking into a home in Ibadan, the capital of Oyo state, and stealing two phones and N4,000, a seven-year-old first-grader was apprehended.

According to the Nigerian Tribune, the young person also made rice, consumed all of the meat that was in the pot, and drank the milk he found in the Olomi, Ibadan, home.

According to reports, he used a key to unlock the padlock on Mrs. Adijat Fatai’s chamber door to enter.

He is accused of breaking into the woman’s closet, searching through her belongings, and taking two mobile phones, N4,000, and other things.

The kid also went inside the room of the younger wife, but he was unable to find anything valuable to steal. He allegedly entered the kitchen, cooked rice in a kettle with camp gas, and devoured all the meat he could find in the pot.

He reportedly drank the milk he also discovered and started cooking rice again after the first meal.

She asked how the phones came about, but he told her he would be back and fled out of the old lady’s house into the neighborhood.

Even though the rice he had set on fire had burned by the time he came back to his workplace, he continued to devour the leftovers.

When he heard footsteps, he was rumored to be on this and sped to the backyard.

The child admitted to giving his grandma the N2,000 he stole when he was questioned after being apprehended last Thursday, June 23.

In addition, he acknowledged using a cutlass to open the front door, boiling the rice twice, consuming milk, and going back home after handing his grandma the N2000.

Read wwhat he said below;

“Unfortunately for me, one of those living in the house met me there but I told a lie that it was a boy who came there to steal, I have broken into four houses in the last two days before I was caught today (Thursday).” 

Mrs. Adijat Fatai, whose room the suspect broke into, asserted that he took N4,000 from there instead of N2000 as he stated.

One of Mr. Hassan Fatai’s sons, Musibau, whose home was broken into, said,

“The boy ran to the backyard when he heard footsteps. We met all doors ajar and saw him at the backyard. When asked about who went into the house, he said it was a boy. He said he knew the boy and took us somewhere but we found nobody. He told us again that he knew where the boy kept the flask in which he put the rice he cooked. He took us there and brought out the flask.

“He promised to bring the boy to us if he sees him. We became suspicious that he must know something about the house-breaking and stealing. We told him that we suspected him and would report him to the police. That was how he started confessing that he was the one who broke in.”

The boy’s father, Ahmed Rasheed, was sought after, according to the vigilante commandant of Oluyole Local Government, Olusegun Idowu, who told the Tribune that he and his men had been riding a motorcycle for hire.

Following his son’s theft, Rasheed allegedly promised to have him removed from the area. He also reportedly acknowledged that the law would be allowed to take its course if he chose not to do so or if his son were to commit another theft there.

In the meantime, the victims claimed that the boy’s age was a factor in their decision not to contact the authorities about the incident.

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