Daughter catches her mother in bed with her baby daddy at her apartment

A recent video of an American woman who discovered her own mother sleeping with her boyfriend, the child’s father, has gone viral.

A shirtless man and a woman can be seen lying in bed while being interrogated by a third woman, who also seems to be the man’s girlfriend, in the video, which has been widely posted on social media pages.

“Okay, this is the sh!t Y’all be doing right?” the girlfriend can be heard saying at the beginning of the video.

“I’ve been calling you all day. This is what you do. My mom, is you serious? I know you lying and you just sitting here quiet. I will put this video on Facebook,” she continued, shouting at her boyfriend and mother, who tried to justify the reason for sleeping with her man. 

The mother accused her daughter of not respecting and treating her man right before pleading with her to refrain from posting the video online.

The heartbroken woman ended up sending the baby daddy away from her apartment, but her mom refused to leave. 

The video. 

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