Clergyman claims that devils developed the well-known dance move Umlando and then released it upon the world.

A priest allegedly received a revelation concerning the well-known Umlando dance in South Africa, and he uploaded it online, igniting discussion.

In a social media video that has gone viral, a pastor claimed that the popular dance move was invented by demons in the depths of hell while delivering a sermon to the congregation of his church.

He claimed that God had taken him in a vision to the realm of the sea spirit, where he had witnessed how demons concoct attractive dance moves and then let them loose on the planet.

He claimed to have witnessed the devils creating and unleashing the Umlando dance move while he was in the vision.

Several young women have housed the devil by doing the demonic dance step, he continued.

Ruger, a well-known musician, and Kelly, a prominent TikTok phenomenon, have both executed the dance move that is currently popular on the video-sharing website.

Social media users have responded to the pastor’s revelation in different ways. Some have said they trust him, while others have called his claim balderdash.

See how some responded below,

@bgirl_nsa wrote, “I believe him! Everything starts from the spirit rhyme”

@dimmabailo wrote, “Only few will understand this, watch well, spirit of seduction has been released, believe it or not.its left for you to hold your self. thats why increase of lack of self control and seduction in both males and females is everywhere .HOLD YOURSELVES AND BE PLEADING FOR GOD’S MERCY.”

Another Instagram user wrote, “How are they not tired and ashamed of these fairy tales emanating from mental slavery ?…. In 2022 and this one has lost touch with reality . People should be educating their family members against these street urchins called pastors .”

@videogirl_gc wrote, “This one has ran out of words, doesn’t know what to preach again”

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