Only on social media is the “OBIdient” movement present. Yekini Nabena, a former APC spokesperson, said that after the election, the Obedient movement will become an obituary.

Yekini Nabena, a former APC spokeswoman, believes the “OBIdient” movement has already died.

In advance of the general elections in 2023, the initiative was launched on social media by Peter Obi’s Labour Party backers.

Nabena, who spoke about the movement to newsmen on Wednesday, June 22, claimed that it only exists on social media and that it will eventually become irrelevant.

Read what he said below;

“I can tell you that the so-called ‘Obedient movement’ only exists on social media and after the coming elections they will naturally turn to disobedient movement, and later obituary because the movement will naturally vamoose.”

He continued by saying that the current APC will fare very well in the 2023 election because “their people” would turn out in large numbers to support the “correct party.”

The lawmaker from Bayelsa also promised the APC that the Niger Delta will cast no fewer than 2.1 million votes in the presidential election.

“The APC will secure nothing less than 2.1 million votes from Escravos to Forcados, Brass to Bonny, in the Niger Delta. This is because our people are massively coming out to get their PVC and they know the right party and candidate to vote for when the time comes.” he added.

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