Court denies Ekweremadu and wife bail, orders them to be remanded in custody and adjourned the case till July 7th

In response to accusations that they smuggled a 15-year-old boy from Lagos to the UK with the intention of removing his organs, the Uxbridge Magistrate Court in London denied Senator Ike Ekweremadu and his wife Beatrice bail.

Arise TV reports that the Ekweremadus were accused before the court this afternoon for allegedly bringing the 15-year-old kid from Nigeria to the UK under the pretense that he would be given a better life there but was actually being used for organ harvesting.

The former Senate President obtained the youngster’s passport under the pretense that he was 21 years old, but the prosecutors testified in court that they later learned the boy was only 15 years old.

The Ekweremadus family has a daughter who has a renal condition and has been receiving dialysis for quite some time, the prosecution further disclosed to the court. They informed the court that it is thought the aim was to transplant their daughter’s kidney using an organ from the boy.

Ekweremadu and his wife each had their own legal counsel, and they asked the court to grant them bail; however, the Magistrate denied their requests. The pair has given the UK government their passports.

On their way to Istanbul, Turkey, the couple was detained at Heathrow airport. According to the prosecutors, it is thought that they were en route to obtain another organ after failing to successfully harvest the boy’s. Additionally, the prosecutors said that Mr. Ekweremadu had $20,000 in cash on him.

Arise claims that when the youngster told the physicians at the Royal Free hospital in the UK his true age—15—they immediately raised the alarm.

The procedure was aborted by the doctors, and the boy was then taken into the family’s custody. The family allegedly treated the boy like a slave until he managed to escape and make his way to the police, where he was apprehended.

According to the prosecution, the Ekweremadus took the destitute kid off the streets of Lagos and transported him to the UK under the guise of providing him with a better life, according to Arise News. However, the defense claims that there is much more to the case than first appears.

After careful thought, the magistrate decided to keep them in custody until the case’s next hearing on July 7.

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