Armed robber trying to rape his wife in Ondo is defeated by brave man, who also takes his gun.

Tosin Ominiyi, a suspected armed robber, was apprehended while attempting to rape a woman in Idanre, Ondo state, where he had earlier robbed her family of goods.

Police spokeswoman Funmilayo Odunlami stated that the suspect entered the family’s home through a window at around one in the morning and robbed the couple of their money and other valuables.

Read what Odunlami said below;

“It was in the process of trying to rape the wife of the man that he (husband) summoned courage and descended on the accused, apprehended the robber with the help of neighbours, and dispossessed him of his gun.”

Tosin was one of 13 suspects who were brought before the media on June 22. The other suspects included Ojo Rotimi, Tosin Omoniyi, Jimoh Dele, Uwanfor Destiny, Babajide Moses, Tope Gbenga, John Simeon, Akinniranye Blessing, Jude Stephen, and Iranlowo Ayomide.

According to a police spokeswoman, the suspect’s mother, Mrs. Tale Akinlabi, 55, was detained for allegedly assisting him in keeping stolen property, and they will be charged in court as soon as the inquiry is over.

Recognizing the wrongdoing Tosin claimed to work alone and had robbed numerous residents in the town successfully.

Read what he said below;

“I entered through the window and met the couple in the house. I ordered them to bring out all the money and valuables in their house. They were able to bring out just N50,000, but I asked the woman to go and bring more valuables from her room because I was not satisfied with the cash.

I followed the wife into her room to search the room and I asked her to lie on the bed and she obeyed because I was holding a gun. The woman shouted that I was about to rape her and her husband rushed in with four other men.

I was overpowered before I could go for my gun because I had dropped the gun on the ground while I was trying to sleep with the woman. They beat me up, seized the gun and handed me over to the police.” 

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