Shooting incident: The biggest lie of 2022 is when I heard Burna Boy tried to talk to another man’s woman. After God, Fear woman – DJ Obi

The “Biggest lie of 2022,” according to DJ Obi, is that Burna Boy made advances on a married woman.

BurnaBoy has been in the news since June 8 when two people claimed that his security escorts fired shots at them while they were inside a nightclub in Lagos.

The musician allegedly made advances toward a woman, and when he learned that she was with her boyfriend, he allegedly kept doing so, prompting her husband to warn him. A brawl that started between the married man, his friends, and Burna Boy’s security personnel changed the course of events.

Since then, the married woman has come forward to support this assertion. BurnaBoy has not yet commented on this.

DJ Obi in a post shared on his IG page this morning, which he has since deleted, disagreed that BurnaBoy could have hit on a married woman. He said for him to have done that, the woman must have been the sexiest woman in the world. He said he went digging to see an image of the woman and in his word ”BOYYYYYY stop playing”

Read what he wrote below

Shooting incident: The biggest lie of 2022 is when I heard Burna Boy tried to talk to another man

”I don wake this morning!

P/s: Why do you have sooooo many snaps of him before he “tried” to talk to you 3 times???

When I heard this story of Odogwu having such high interest in this person, I just had to go search for myself to see the woman because she must be the sexiest female on the planet. THREE TIMES?!! I said wow, Unicorns do exists. This babe must be hotter than steff. So I went digging. BOYYYYYY stop playing.

FYI : Burna security is so highly trained, the only reason a gun would have come out is if there was a threat to his life or theirs. So that leads me to ask, Who threw the first bottle?? And why?

I end by saying AFTER GOD! Fear woman. Stay safe out there my brothers. If you are ever going to come for someone of this caliber, your story has to be air tight. And that’s on LOVE DAMINI.

Disclaimer: this page does not promote violence or gun violence of any kind, most especially violence towards women.

#BurnaBoy #Odogwu”

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