By this time next year, reality TV star Khloe promises, “I will either be married or pregnant.”

Reality television personality Khloe, whose real name is Abiri Oluwabusayomi, has promised to be married or pregnant by this time next year.

On Tuesday, June 21, Khloe said this on her Snapchat, claiming she was sick of the wild life.

The 29-year-old former Big Brother Naija star recently got body enlargement surgery to get her ideal body shape, and she claims that she wants to spend a lot of time “indoors” and away from all the outside commotion.

Read what she wrote below,

 “This time next year, I will be married or pregnat. I’m done with outside, I wanna ve indoor for a long time.”

Khloe declares

Social media users have responded in a variety of ways to Khloe’s seemingly prescient statement.

See how some responded below,

@mriykeoflondon wrote,

“Her spirit is willing BUT her flesh is weak. This pregnancy wey dey hungry Khloe since 2 years till date, God please may it locate her “

@tobsmac wrote,

“Outside wants inside, Inside wants outside – life is a roller coaster  #NeverEnding Las Las everyone should get their desired wish”

@mightyjoe___ wrote,

“It will be hard to stay indoors with a bbl”

@king_mufassa__ wrote,

“That means after some times she wan still wan go back  no marry her ooo”

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