Soldier Allegedly Kills Fuel Station Attendant In Minna (Photos)

During a scuffle in Minna, the capital of Niger State, a soldier is said to have shot and killed a fuel attendant.

On Monday, June 20, the incident occurred at the Shafa filling station near the Obasanjo Complex.

According to Mohammed Usman, a Facebook user, the soldier shot the attendant after he was allegedly threatened with a cutlass by the deceased.

“It was stated that the soldier had a spat with the gasoline attendant, which evolved into a brawl with the Fuel Station Manager, which ended with them exchanging slaps,” Usman said.

“Angered by the soldier’s behavior, the young fuel attendant slapped him and threatened him with his cutlass. The soldier pulled out his gun and shot the fuel attendant, who was rushed to the hospital. Subsequently, were were informed that the Fuel Station had been closed down.” he added.

Abdulkareem, an eyewitness, who spoke to Punch , said the soldier was engaged in a scuffle with the fuel station manager which led to both parties slapping each other.

“The soldier and the manager were having a misunderstanding. Though I don’t know who slapped first but they both slapped each other and people started trying to intervene,” Abdulkareem said.

He also said that as a result of the scuffle, one of the station attendants, who was said to be the brother of the manager, brought out a cutlass and stabbed the soldier who in turn shot him.

“As people were trying to settle the misunderstanding, one of the attendants, who is the younger brother of the manager, came to support his brother in the fight by bringing out a cutlass and stabbing the soldier”.

He added that the soldier in turn brought out his gun and shot the boy who was then rushed to the hospital.

Another eyewitness said the boy didn’t stab the soldier but brought out his cutlass to threaten him before the soldier pulled out his gun and shot the boy.

He added that the boy did not make it to the hospital as he died before they got to the general hospital.

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