“Pregnancy humbled me,” a Nigerian woman says in a video showing how her nose became wider during her pregnancy.

A young Nigerian woman has joined the new social media trend of pregnant women displaying how their faces and bodies have transformed.

The woman resorted to TikTok to offer a video montage of how she looked before and after she became pregnant, and she expressed her gratitude for the opportunity.

Before she became pregnant, the woman appeared normal in the video, but her nose doubled in size and she appeared larger with her baby bump when she became pregnant.

She wrote in the caption below,

“pregnancy humbled me……wait for it”

A video that went viral on social media recently stunned viewers by demonstrating the extent to which a woman’s physique can alter during pregnancy.

The woman’s face was obviously different from what she used to look like in the video, and it suddenly returned to its default setting after she gave birth, according to Yabaleftonline’s official Instagram page.

Here are some of the social media replies to the post:

ujubaybay wrote;

The fact is that a lot of Nigerian women bleach thereby making them quite unrecognized able during pregnancy .

__p.e.a.r.l wrote;

God please! I don’t want to look bad when I’m preggy!

motherofsss wrote;

That’s why I never take pictures when I am pregnant because oh Lord what my face turns into is something else o. I envy those that don’t change o

susan_j.o wrote;

The way pregnancy changes a woman ehn! I can only pray that pregnant women out there have a supportive husband and not the one that will frustrate her over her changes. That alone can put them into depression. To all pregnant women out there, my respect goes to you.

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