“I’m receiving a death threats for supporting Peter Obi” – Sokoto man cries out

A guy in Sokoto State claims he has received death threats as a result of his support for Peter Obi, the Labour Party’s presidential candidate in Nigeria’s 2023 election.

A Muslim named Jamilu Sufi revealed this on Twitter.

He claims he has been receiving threats to kill him on the phone. He also claims that the guy has called his wife and threatens to murder her if Sufi does not remove his support for Mr Obi.

“I don’t succumb to blackmail and threats,” Mr Sufi said in the post.

Sokoto man says he

He included the phone number of the person who has been calling to make the threats and added that the person speaks Igbo and Hausa fluently.

He wrote: “It got to a point that he called my wife and threatened to kill her too. I blocked him but he and other guys continued.”

He said the man also sent him voice notes via WhatsApp and threatened to kill him.

He added that he has reported the matter to the police in Sokoto State.

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