Driver Kills Colleague, Abandoned Corpse At Lagos Park

After being assassinated by a coworker in Lagos’ Berger neighborhood, the body of a bus driver was dumped in a park.

The deceased, only named as Wasiu, was said to have been abandoned at the park’s entrance.

On Sunday, June 19, Wasiu, who plied the Ishaga-Fagba route, had an altercation with a colleague from another park, which led in a brawl, according to Punch.

The following is what an eyewitness told the publication: “Wasiu got into a confrontation with someone in the park before going to get a bottle. However, as he crushed it on the ground, the fragmented pieces struck a nearby alcohol vendor’s baby, causing the child to bleed.”

When the baby’s father, identified as Ikman, was informed, he reportedly mobilised his colleagues and attacked Wasiu until he became unconscious.

Another source told the publication: “Ikman was a close friend to Wasiu. He also drives a commercial bus plying the Berger-Obalende route. Wasiu would not have died, but Ikman deliberately left him unconscious on the floor after the attack without any attempt to revive him.”

Following Wasiu’s death, some road transport workers at the bus park, believed to be friends of the deceased, protested the decision to leave the body at the park, as one of them claimed it was an attempt to implicate them.

However, police officers from the Ojodu division arrived at the scene to calm the tension.

Relatives of the deceased arrived from Ibadan that Monday morning to make plans to take the body away for burial. But the police resisted the move.

The body was later taken by the police, who were joined by relatives of the deceased in a truck.

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