Nigerians Hails Peter Obi’s Trip To Egypt (Photos)

HE Peter Obi, the Labour Party’s presidential candidate, departed Nigeria’s shores for Egypt a few days ago on a trip to investigate Egypt’s power, education, planning, and finance sectors, according to the presidential hopeful.

Since his departure from Nigeria on a commercial airline with other public passengers, the internet has been buzzing with questions about his decision to study at a time when he should be campaigning and reaching out to Nigerians about his presidency.

According to Doyin Okupe, who spoke about the trip, Obi was scheduled to see the Siemens plants, which had doubled Egypt’s electrical capacity in four years. His goal is to figure out how and at what cost this might be replicated in Nigeria.

While some Nigerians, particularly those in the opposition, have questioned Obi’s decision to go on a noble and important tour for only three days, others believe that his travel demonstrates confidence in his ability to handle the country’s problems.

According to this group of Nigerians, the country should be pleased that Obi is traveling abroad for legitimate reasons that will benefit the country, which is far superior to the other elderly presidential candidates who travel abroad for medical treatment at every opportunity and end up spending months there.

Hear how the majority of Nigerians are praising Obi’s visit, which they say shows he is ready to take over the country on a firm foundation.

Here’s a quick rundown of how Twitter users reacted to his trip to Egypt. “People who don’t get angry when a sitting president travels abroad on “medical vacation” are fuming because Peter Obi went on a fact finding trip to Egypt with his own money. It is well.”

Another Twitter user opined that, “Peter Obi had hinted he’ll be off to a trip to Egypt to learn & understand what they did with their electricity. Beyond relocating their whole villages & the poor to newly built cities, Egypt is the model of working nation in Africa. Obi is ahead of his peers”

“Peter Obi demonstrates capacity & focus, time after time. His trip to Egypt did not surprise people like us. It shouldn’t be confused or misconstrued. He prepared himself for leadership unlike the charlatans. Obi is the ONLY ONE whose heart is in the right place. A class act.”

Beyond the euphoria his visit is arousing, here are some interesting facts to know about Egypt which is the cradle of world civilization.

Egypt has created over 10,000 factories and 34 new cities in the last seven years. The country is said to feature the world’s largest water treatment facility, an archaeological museum, the world’s fourth largest solar park, Africa’s tallest skyscraper, the largest fish farm, and the continent’s longest rail line.

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