Update: Groom filmed punching his bride when she beat him at a game during their wedding is charged with ‘petty hooliganism’

A husband has been charged with assaulting his wife in the head on their wedding day after she beat him to a game at their wedding celebration.

The man, who has not been identified, was seen in a viral video beating his wife after she won a race to unwrap sweets organized by guests at their wedding on June 6 in the southern Uzbekistan region of Surkhandaryo.

The video sparked uproar, forcing Saida Mirziyoyeva, the president’s daughter, to condemn the incident and police to search down the couple.

Officers said the man has been charged with ‘hooliganism,’ but if convicted, he faces only 15 days in prison and a fine.

A committee in the Uzbek legislature’s upper house said the young man had ‘apologised to the bride and expressed regret at his actions’ at a neighbourhood hearing attended by community elders and relatives of the couple.

‘On the same day, the bride and groom reconciled and now live together,’ the committee said.

Speaking out against the violence, Ms Mirziyoyeva had said: ‘We shouldn’t remain silent about such cases, we should not pretend that they are one-offs.

‘This is why we need education that opens horizons and makes women independent and strong.’

After being struck, footage captured an obviously distraught bride putting her head in her hands before being led off the stage by another woman.

The groom remained on stage looking out at the silenced guest as if nothing had happened, as his best man stood alongside him fidgeting with his phone. 

Uzbekistan has a history of arranged marriages, although these are less common today. It is unclear if this was an arranged marriage. 

Watch the video below

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