Maria, a reality star, goes to a native doctor after her knee dislocation isn’t treated by medical professionals.

Maria Chike, a reality TV personality, has disclosed that she sought the help of a local medicine man when medical specialists couldn’t figure out what was wrong with her leg, despite the fact that she was in tremendous pain.

The Big Brother Naija star said that she had just experienced a leg injury that resulted in a broken knee, but that the doctor had assured her that there was nothing wrong with the leg.

When the pain grew excruciating, she went to a local doctor, who straightened her shattered knee.

On her Instagram story, she posted a video of a local doctor attending to her knee.

“I’ve never cried so badly in my life. He straightened my broken knee.”

Taking to her Twitter handle, she added,

“The doctor was wrong cause it was getting worse. So I got a local medicine man. And he put the bone back in. I wouldn’t wish the pain on my worst enemy. So more bed rest.”

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