Man who publicly shot his shot at lady on Twitter gets married to her

Abdulazeez, a male, has won the ultimate reward of a wife after firing his shot at a beautiful lady he saw on his Twitter timeline in May 2020.

Khairah, a young woman, used the microblogging site to upload images of herself smiling and introduce herself to her fans.

Olikitan took advantage of the situation and presented himself to her, stating that he would want to meet her in person to discuss her lovely smile.

Read his post below:

“Hi Khairah I’m Abdulazeez
Can we meet to discuss the secret behind this your virtuous and magical smile? Words aren’t enough to describe how beautiful the smile is but one thing I know for sure is
Your smile could sell half a million magazine covers”

His kind words found fertile ground in her heart, and they began dating soon after.

In a lovely update, the couple married, taking their relationship to the next level.

On Tuesday, June 14, Khairah shared the news on Twitter.

She captioned a snapshot of their wedding and a screenshot of their first conversation,

“How it started vs How it’s going Yh, we met on Twitter”

See images of the Twitter couple below,

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