In Lagos, a fashion designer was supposedly arrested and suspected of being a crossdresser because of his clothing.

A fashion designer, Aanuoluwa Ajide-Daniels, claims that he was detained by police officials in Lagos who accused him of being a transgender.

On Monday night, June 13, officers detained Ajide and his buddy at Ring Road Bridge, which connects Osbourne to the 3rd mainland, and took them to Adeniju Police Station for questioning, according to Ajide, who is known for his high fashion taste on Instagram.

He stated he kept his calm and respectfully responded to their questions, despite the fact that he is not a transgender person.

They were eventually released, according to him, after paying an unknown sum.

On his Instagram feed, the fashionista posted a picture of his attire with the caption below;

“I got arrested last night in this fit and tbh I get it! Looking this good should be a crime, c’est fini!’

“To answer the ‘where’- That same place @akahnnani said in his video. In fact immediately the guy started to harass me I told my friend – this place is known for their craze. Avoid that route at night.”

“I however stood my ground – I no be cross dresser. That’s the term they kept using and at one point one of them actually apologized for his colleague and cautioned him

“Tell me why they still found a reason to drag us to the trenches- adeniji police station (in our our own car as I refused to go in their car) and the superior started throwing homophopic slurs at me”

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