#BBNReunion: Why I don’t have intellectual conversations with you – Angel bluntly opens up to Cross

Angel and Cross were at the center of a heated disagreement over their weak friendship on Tuesday night’s episode of BBNaija Reunion on the 14th of June.

When Cross began to enumerate all he had done for Angel, he forced a lot of things out of her mouth, but they all seemed in vain.

In response, a clearly enraged Angel said that she attempted to cement her friendship with Cross by cooking for him, giving him money, and scheduling spa treatments for him; however, she claims that none of these benign gestures were ever returned.

Cross, on the other hand, denied everything Angel stated and lamented having to deal with Angel’s mood swings.

Cross expressed his love for Angel in an emotional tone, admitting that he was not ready for romance because he is afraid of repeating his previous failures in relationships.

Angel told Cross she had a new boyfriend at one time, which hurt him, according to Cross. While Cross continued to struggle to explain himself to her, Angel intervened that because he is a gaslighter, she does not perceive him as someone with whom she can have intelligent dialogues.

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