Pilot miraculously survives after his plane flipped upside down when he made emergency landing

A jet flipped upside down when the pilot performed an emergency landing, which was caught on film.

On the morning of Monday, June 13, pilot Vic Pisani was flying over Gympie, Queensland, Australia, when his plane’s propeller stopped spinning when his engine stalled mid-flight.

He was 2,500 feet in the air with only three minutes to choose a landing spot.

While on a cigarette break, Matt Frost and Marty Reinwald, who observed the landing, recorded the white, light aircraft fast coming down over the field before turning over into the dirt of a Kandanga paddock.

Pisani told the Today Show this morning, June 14: “I selected three fields. One I couldn’t get into. The second one looked great but it had livestock all over it so I had to give that one away.

“I had no choice but to put it down where I did next to the house. [It] wasn’t probably as terrifying for myself as it was for the people on the ground who thought I might have damaged something.”

The witnesses flocked to the pilot’s aid as soon as he crashlanded.

Frost told the broadcaster: “We were sitting down having a smoko and we could hear Vic’s plane flying past and I had a look and then a couple of seconds later, we heard the engines cut.

“We probably watched it for maybe 20 seconds, thinking it might just be a training drill, but after about 30 seconds later, we realised he was in trouble.”

The pair feared that the plane would burst into flames at any moment. But as they got closer to the wreckage, they saw the pilot making his way out unscathed.

Reinwald claimed: “He seemed in good health almost instantly.”

The pilot, who has over 30 years of flying experience, said that the incident was his first-ever emergency landing and appreciated the help from the men on the ground.

He explained: “Thanks to training, I ticked off all the checklists on the emergency checklist. Those guys were down there in minutes and I much appreciate the help and sorry to scare them.

“Apart from hitting a patch of soft ground and flipping it, which was the resulting crash, it would have been a nice forced landing.”

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