Man allegedly poisons his two children to death, commits suicide

In Malandi village, Kwale County, Kenya, a 35-year-old man is suspected of poisoning his three children, killing two of them before committing suicide.

After visiting his in-laws, Ali Mwazuma Rashid, a carpenter, is alleged to have returned home on Sunday, June 12 and cooked for his three children, ages five, eight, and ten.

According to police, preliminary investigations found that the guy had a strained relationship with his wife, who was out of the house on the day of the incident.

Rashid left the house after the children ate the poisoned dinner, but subsequently returned, according to Kinango police chief Fred Ombaka.

Mr Ombaka claimed that when the 10-year-old girl discovered her father’s body dangling from the roof, she began shouting, attracting the attention of passers-by.

“We found that the deceased had poisoned his children and hanged himself using a sisal rope. They were all still alive at the moment the neighbours arrived and they were all rushed to Kinago Sub-county Hospital. 

“Unfortunately, the man and two children died. The 10-year-old girl is still being treated at the hospital,” said Mr Ombaka.

Police said they found a note at the scene of the incident that cited differences with the man’s in-laws.

“His wife was not home and she only found out about the deaths from the public,” said Mr Ombaka.

The officer said investigations were ongoing to establish the root cause of the incident.

“We have been engaging the in-laws to know what transpired that led to the deceased to commit the  inhuman act,” he said.

The bodies are awaiting an autopsy at Kinago Sub-county Hospital mortuary.

“We understand that people are going through difficult times but suicide is not a solution,” Mr Ombaka said. 

Man allegedly poisons his two children to death, commits suicide

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Man allegedly poisons his two children to death, commits suicide

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