Groom slaps his new wife at their wedding after she won a game on stage during wedding toast (video)

A disturbing video has captured the moment a guy slapped his new wife at their wedding reception.

The wedding took place in Uzbekistan, and the new couple was performing on stage at their wedding celebration when the toastmaster forced them to compete.

When the groom realized he had lost the game, he aggressively struck the bride on the back of the head with his hand.

The stunned bride put her hand to her head before lifting her white wedding gown from the stage and being escorted out by two other women.

As if nothing had happened, the groom remained on the stage, peering out across the silent crowd that had been cheering minutes before.

Meanwhile, the best man standing alongside the groom also appeared to be smiling before fidgeting nervously with his phone.

Watch the video below

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