As they commemorate their 14th wedding anniversary, Obi Cubana’s wife, Ebele, posts a throwback picture.

Obinna Iyiegbu nicknamed Obi Cubana’s family is celebrating her 14th wedding anniversary today.

Obi Cubana and his wife, Ebele, used Instagram to share adorable images and videos to commemorate the occasion.
As they celebrate their 14th wedding anniversary, Obi Cubana’s wife, Ebele, shares a throwback picture.

Ebele, who had previously shared some adorable couple and family pictures, recently published a tape with pictures from their 14-year-old wedding ceremony, which has left internet users drooling over their love story.

Making her first post, read what she wrote below:

My knight in shining armor ❤️❤️
My ride and live🥰
The king of my heart👑❤️
The king of my castle 🥰
My crown😘
My forever Shuga 😍
Babe, you know there’s nothing new that I would say nor add today to let you know just how much you mean to me.
Like you say, we celebrate our love every day even when we are boning or not.
I still can’t figure out how we keep getting it right but all I know is that God is massively involved and I can’t stop thanking him for how far he’s brought us…
I thank him for giving us the grace we need to make this union work. It is not us, but the spirit of God at work in us…just being able to allow Him have his way with us.
14 years ago, we started this journey in love yet unsure of the future. 14 years later, We are still in this journey recording great success…I still get so much joy just loving you and wanting to do this life with you. I pray that the God I serve will continually see us through all the years of our marriage because we made him our firm foundation. I do not and will never take the grace of God in this marriage for granted. Thank you for making it easier for me to love you. I know sometimes you get me upset but then again, we still have our way of sorting it all out without shouting and getting at each other’s throat. That is grace!
Today, I reaffirm my love for you and my intention to carry on loving you, faults and all.
May God continue to give me the grace to keep loving you and being your help meet.

Today, you go “collect “as usual



#14yearsweddinganniversary #westilldo #forevertogether”

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