An 11-year-old boy falls into coma and dies after being repeatedly raped by four brothers who infected him with HIV

In a case that has shocked Bolivia, a youngster who had been raped and mistreated by four brothers for several years has died.

On Saturday, June 11, the 11-year-old kid went into a coma and suffered two heart attacks, with physicians failing to save his life following the second cardiac arrest.

The alleged raptors were 15, 17, 23, and 28 years old, and they also gave him HIV.

Their victim died in a hospital in the country’s largest city, Santa Cruz.

The boy’s precarious predicament was only revealed a week ago when his mother demanded justice for her son’s more than two years of sex abuse.

Boy, 11, falls into coma and dies

One of the alleged rapists was later sent to Palmasola prison, Santa Cruz.

The eldest of the four brothers died of AIDS last year according to reports from Bolivia.

One of the minors is in a juvenile court and will be kept at Cenvicruz rehab centre. 

The other minor is believed to have fled to Chile.

Boy, 11, falls into coma and dies

“I want justice… There has to be justice. My son will go away for ever and they will laugh,” the boy’s mother Bertha said last week.

“Even if they kill me, I will not remain silent: wherever I go, I’ll talk”.

Bolivian president Luis Arce slammed the boy’s attackers as ‘evil’.

He wrote on his Twitter page: ‘We express our deepest pain at the departure of the little boy in Yapacani.

‘This tragic outcome cannot go unpunished, it is inconceivable to accept so much evil against an innocent child.

‘To his family, all our support and our deepest condolences.’

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