“Abia males are stingy, arrogant, and unpleasant” — Nigerian women said they will never marry a man from the state.

Some young Nigerian women have stated that they will never marry men from Abia State because of some negative characteristics they possess.

When asked which state they would like their brothers to marry from, the three ladies said this during a street interview in the eastern region of the country.

The ladies from Abia state indicated they want their brothers to marry women from Anambra, Delta, or Imo states.

The interviewer was taken aback by their dislike of women from their state and inquired as to why.

In answer, one of the ladies claimed that Abia women, despite being good, diligent, and supportive in marriage, are aggressive when offended by their partners.

The other ladies, on the other hand, veered from the question, claiming that Abia men are excessively stingy, nasty, pompous, and uncaring to their wives.

One of the females also expressed remorse for having been born in the state.

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