A 70-year-old father arrested for raping his 34 year old daughter, on a deserted beach while she was drunk’

While on vacation on the Greek island of Crete, a 70-year-old British father is accused of raping his 34-year-old daughter.

The guy was apprehended on Saturday, June 11 after his daughter reported to police two days earlier that she had been assaulted in the town of Malia.

The holiday-daughter goer’s admitted to being inebriated and said she couldn’t recall anything about her assailant except that he was dressed entirely in white.

According to officers, the father made obscene signals to his daughter, struck her in the face, followed her out onto the street, and then raped her on a desolate beach while they were drinking together in a bar.

Police say her father was wearing all-white clothing in the CCTV images. 

Medical examiners told local newspaper Neakriti that the woman had in injures that were consistent with stones and branches found on the beach.

Examiners added that she also had injuries consistent with rape, and that DNA samples have been collected.

He has been charged with felony rape, sexual abuse, and domestic violence offences.

The man has pleaded not guilty to the charges and vehemently denies being responsible, local media says. DNA samples have been collected for forensic comparison according to the police.

The victim is said to be in a state of disbelief and has told police that her father could not have carried out the attack .

Police will keep the father in detention until Tuesday, June 14 which is the deadline for him to issue a public apology for the crime.

Greek law allows for reduced sentences for people who admit their guilt and apologize, and even those accused of rape can apologize and have reduced sentences.

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