Three Cripples Beat Fellow Cripple In Edo For Refusing To Join Their Association

Three cripples have been apprehended by the Edo State vigilante for beating one of thier own who refused to join their association.

The incident happened this morning, June 11, at Akpakpava road, few meters from the Benin Electricity Distribution Company (BEDC) of the State.

The cripples approached the victim and told him that he has to join their association before he can be allowed to beg for alms.

An eyewitness said he knows the cripple and that he was passing by when he saw the other cripples beating him.

“I know the cripple, I use to give him money. I was walking on the other side of the road when I saw the other cripples beating him, it was shoking to me.”

“I crossed to know what was happening but some passersby have already intervene and stopped the fight before I got there. When did cripples start having association in this country, so begging now has association?”

While interrogating the suspects, one of them said they were sent by their meeting leader to tell the victim that if he does not join their association, he won’t be allowed to beg for alms on the street.

Angry passersby who were displeased with their action landed slaps on their faces before handing them over to the State vigilante.

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