“We abandoned African paganism to accept European pagan ideals,” Daddy Freeze said in response to Owo ladies summoning Ogun after the church attack.

Daddy Freeze, a media personality, has spoken out in favor of residents of Owo calling for Ogun, the deity of iron, to bring justice to those killed in the Owo church tragedy on June 5.

Some ladies in the Owo community gathered to invoke the deity of iron and war, ‘Ogun,’ to avenge the worshippers slaughtered at the St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church in Owo, Ondo state.

Recall that gunmen attacked a Catholic church in Owo, Ondo state, and opened fire on worshippers, killing dozens of people and injured dozens more.

According to the state administration, 22 persons were murdered in the incident, while 52 survivors are being treated at the Federal Medical Center in Owo, St Louis Hospital in Owo, and the Owo General Hospital, as well as other private facilities. The Bishop of Ondo Diocese, Jude Arogundade, claimed that the massacre murdered more than 38 worshippers.

Daddy Freeze, who praised the act, said Nigerians abandoned their African paganism to accept European paganism in response to the video of the women praying to the god of iron for retribution for those killed in the tragedy.

Read his post below;

“When dem call bros J and he nor answer dem nko? We abandoned African paganism to adopt European pagan ideologies. Until we start telling ourselves the truth and take our security issues more seriously this won’t end. Christ message is love and that’s the first thing so glaringly missing in Nigeria.” He wrote.

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