Couple find secret cameras in bedroom set up by man they accommodated in their house during lockdown

A good-natured couple has been severely repaid when a man who assisted them with lodging during lockdown installed cameras in their bedroom to monitor them.

In 2020, when the Covid epidemic caused UK inhabitants to segregate and not see anybody outside their family, Ryan Elson, 30, was living alone.

In April 2020, he was provided a room by a pleasant couple.

Elson promised to utilize his experience in CCTV to make their home in Denbighshire, North Wales, safer by installing cameras in exchange for their good act.

But he went too far, installing cameras in the couple’s bedroom, walk-in wardrobe, and even their bedside alarm clock.

The cameras which he hid in an alarm clock were then linked to apps on his phone, where he watched a live feed of the couple when they had their private moments.

Couple find secret cameras in bedroom set up by man they accommodated in their house during lockdown

At one point, Elson saw the woman getting undressed.

The victim, who cannot be named for legal reasons, told the court she felt ‘used and lied to’.

She said: ‘(Elson) has taken complete advantage of the trusting nature of my family.’

She added the ordeal has left her ‘clinging’ to her mental health ‘with the tips of her fingers’.

‘It is physically exhausting to feel anxious every single day,’ she said.

He was arrested in November 2020, after his arrest Elson told police he installed the cameras because he was ‘anxious’ and ‘wanted to be close’ to the couple when they were apart.

Judge Nicola Saffman told Elson: ‘This was clearly a very unhealthy obsession. You were clearly obsessed with this family.

‘There was a clear bond of trust between you all. They took pity on you in lockdown, you were clearly struggling, and didn’t want to see you alone and isolated.’

The judge told him he abused this ‘loving, caring and considerate’ family’s trust ‘in the most dreadful way’.

Elson was sentenced to 16 months suspended prison term on Wednesday, June 8, due to his confession.?????

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