Man Pours Hot Water On Friend After He Ate His Bowl Of Rice In Lagos

A 32-year-old homeless man is struggling to get medical care after his street friend poured hot water on him for allegedly eating his food in mushin are of Lagos Nigeria.

Francis Ajayi, who denied eating his friend’s food, sustained severe burns to his mid-section and has since been admitted at the Lagos State Teaching Hospital.

But with no money or contacts of relatives to foot his medical bills, health workers at the hospital have been soliciting funds internally to support him.

Francis Ajayi left his village at Akoko South-West to seek greener pastures in Lagos. He has since been sleeping in an uncompleted building at Ojulegba surulere in Lagos.

“I came to Lagos to hustle and make ends meet so I can support my family. I was into ‘building constructions’ before coming here. I came to the city three and half years ago,” he said.

Wrapped in bandages around his midsection and arms, Francis narrates that his friend, under the influence of alcohol, poured hot water on him whilst he was sleeping.

He said he had earlier confronted him over a meal he accused him of eating.

“We had no grudge. My friend explained someone had eaten the rice he had left. He came back to the house around 3:00am demanding for his food. I told him I had not eaten it. I left him and went back to bed. At 5:00am, he approached me and poured hot water on me,” he said.

Francis sustained severe burns and is currently responding to treatment.

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon at the lagos state Teaching Hospital, Dr Peter Uchechi, told newsmen at the scene at Lagos State Teaching Hospital Idi Araba. That Francis has been detained because he is unable to foot his bills.

“He was initially seen and given the necessary drugs with occlusive dressing. He’s been discharged and will be visiting the hospital on an out-patient basis. He will be dressing his wounds two to three times a week. That will cost him about 20,000 naira per dressing. But since he is not able to foot his bills, he has been detained,” he said.

Francis, who has no money to pay his bills, has since relied on the benevolence of health officers at the hospital to treat his wounds and provide daily meals.

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