“Stop bragging about your relationship and how great your man is,” says reality TV personality Uriel, who predicts that husbands will be in short supply by 2023.

Uriel Oputa, a reality show star, has given some advise to women who are in happy, healthy relationships.

Stop talking their friends about their relationships and how amazing their man is to them, the fitness fanatic and chef said in a post on her Instagramstory.

She believes that finding a partner in 2023 will be tough, therefore women who have decent men should avoid exposing them to prospective vultures.

She went on to say that they should keep their cool and enjoy one other’s company in silence.

The England-born celebrity wrote,

“Rule number 1 stop telling people about your relationship, how good your man is, what he did..
How he makes you feel in entangled circumstances.

I just saw in 2023 BF and husband will be scarce.

Sapa dey dry Love oh

Shine your eyes and grease your pot

If he is doing right, cross your legs and enjoy biko”

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