Woman Narrates How Her Friend Dated Her Husband After She Allowed Her Stay In Their House

A mother of eight called Attaa Saffowa in an interview recounts on how she helped her friend by allowing her to stay in their house but she got into a relationship with her husband. According to the woman, she dated her husband for 16-years before they got married and they are blessed with 8 children.

Attaa said she went to the market one day to sell her cassava, she met a woman known as Ama who also sells cassava at the market and they became friends. Ama pleaded with her that she doesn’t have any place to stay so she should allow her to stay with her in their house. Attaa went to inform her husband about what her friend told her, he too agreed with her to let Ama stay with them.

The woman did everything together with her friend and she even helped her in selling their farm products. Months later she got information that Ama is in a relationship with her husband but Isaac denied that it is not true. A few weeks later, her underwear got missing in her room, she consulted a mallam for help, and the mallam told her that Ama has taken the underwear to a fetish priest to end her marriage.

When she came back home she informed her twin sister about what the mallam told her but her eldest child heard their conversation and went to inform Isaac about it. Her husband got angry and divorced her, he then went to stay together with Ama because she went to consult the mallam. After their divorced the man doesn’t take care of any of the children, and she has been struggling to cater for them.

Isaac too said what her ex-wife is saying is never true, he firstly met Ama at the market and proposed to her before Attaa brought her to the house. Isaac revealed that he pleaded with her ex-wife for dating her friend but still she went to a mallam to invoke a curse on him and Ama that’s why they got divorced. He again said that he too has been providing his children with their basic needs.

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