“Since 2020, she’s been having Instagram live sessions distributing her tapes” – TikTok, BlackChully called out for reportedly “claiming about not knowing how they leaked.” her sex tape.

After Black Chully, a renowned Tiktoker, screamed out online, claiming she had no knowledge how her nudes were posted online, netizens came after her.

During an Instagram live session, the internet celebrity, who was in tears, reacted to the latest scandalous videos of herself that had leaked online. She claims she has no idea how the tapes came to be in the hands of the person who posted them online.

While some on social media consoled her, others claimed Black Chully was profiting from the leaked audio saga.

Many Twitter users said she has been hosting unclothed Instagram live sessions since 2020. They also said she was selling her pornographic films on her deactivated Instagram account for N5,000.

The Twitter users also provided what they claimed to be proof of their assertions. Photos from alleged Instagram live recordings of her masturbating with others, which were circulated on Twitter as early as April 8, 2021, are shown below.

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