“My closest cousin said I won’t be her maid of honour because I am too fat” – Nigerian lady laments

After the bride-to-be told her she wouldn’t be her maid of honour because she was too big, a Nigerian woman opted not to attend her cousin’s wedding.

The lady, who goes by the handle @Zioraife on Twitter, also claimed that family members had bullied her because of her weight.

“My closest cousin, the closest thing I have to a sibling, has officially confirmed I won’t be her maid of honour cos I’m just too fat for a maid of honour role. Have to lose some weight before December or no maid of honour duties for me. I shan’t be attending the wedding” she tweeted on Sunday, June 5.  

“My family will swear I’m wicked and no nonsense cos I reward meanness with the same level of vim. Begging me to attend for what? So I’d damage the aesthetics ? Nah, I’ll stay home, press my phone all day, happy married life Couz!”

“These people who are supposed to be my people have bullied me all my life for genes I have absolutely no control over. If not for strong self-will, I’d loathe my body. Each time I eat, I stress over how much I’m eating, over how much I gain just from eating. Hei mbanu!” she added. 

My closest cousin said I won
My closest cousin said I won
My closest cousin said I won

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