Sheik Gumi urges FG to establish Nomadic ministry for herdsmen

Sheikh Ahmad Gumi, an Islamic cleric, has suggested that the Federal government establish a Ministry of Nomadic Affairs as part of its efforts to end the country’s persistent banditry and terrorism crisis.

According to him, the ministry will assist in resolving bandit and herder issues in the same way that the government assisted in curbing the activities of Niger Delta insurgents.

Gumi, while speaking to journalists at a conference on Wednesday, said:

“Government should focus more attention on these people because they always say that they are aggrieved. What I expect from the government is nothing less than what it did, when the Niger Delta youth were vandalizing the economy.
These people are also disturbing the Nigerian agriculture which is the backbone of the national economy. I think the government needs to be more proactive; they need attention; the least they need is the Ministry of Nomadic Affairs that will look into their affairs,” he said.

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